New stories, for an age of humanistic brilliance.
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New stories, for an age of humanistic brilliance.
ST Organisational 25  °  Ethos Applications :  Local — Regional — International — Beyond  °  SkyRise Advance Use Cases :  Progressive Enterprise — Lab Restructuring — Agile Graduates — Reinvention Initiatives


June 14, 2018

When new spaces begin to form, there is no telling how that would be a catalyst to neighboring spaces. In the local, regional, international and beyond area, the intricacy of land and air, can never be displayed alongside historical pieces of artifice. This is because when there is a possibility for expansion, or condensation, that there are so many respectful modes to consider, that any false pretense of arbitration, normally results in a chaotic sense of disbelief. Knowing this, it is a very important motion, that the landscape of such an action, is to be sanctioned with alleviating conjunctures, which have not been curtailed as showing a lack of value contribution to the, as to be, and for the, as was. Without such a procession, there is no actual assistance, and no abridgement, which continues to help, and not destroy. Who would be a good contender with an accord like the above? This is up to the intangibility that outlines, and the invisibility of progress, that contributes, without just siphoning the extraneous.

August 1, 2018

Going glocal. The momentum of globalisation that is coming to fruition and the local environments in which people live are shaping the leaders of today’s business. You can now start a venture anywhere in the world with the same edge as anyone in a Valley. Yet most companies are sold in such an environment in tech, outlaying that there will always be un-digital requirements that enable tangibility to flourish.

There are people across the world who are dealing with modern complexity more and more, but they just don’t know where to start. Let alone get work. Opportunities exist, but only the beginning of the shared incubation economy has begun. By providing people with the necessary tools to lodge their apartment, or become a driver, they are in fact incubating their own nano ventures. It is up to emerging enterprises to incubate these human incubators. In the case of a Standard Technologies, a marketplace for marketplaces, this works the same way, but from a macro economic view.

Marketplaces typically can be defined as being something like a food bazaar, in which small retailers offer their fruits to the physical community, or the online portal, such as an auction site, that provides the infrastructure for people to make a sale or purchase a good. The interesting thing about a marketplace for marketplaces, is that there are no boundaries to the extent of how the marketplaces work. Surveys, templates and guides develop further what is designed, and then creators are able to use the best of what the cloud has to offer, while remaining in the locality that fosters what they know best.

From a human talent perspective of a Standard Technologies, as all of the clients come from different cities, the strength of being global is baked into the DNA of the venture from the get go. With the emergence of reality blocks, as well as virtual tribes, geographic incubated company segments and a common e-commerce platform, the potential for success by educating the public about why and how they need Standard Technologies and then facilitating ongoing learning to help them drive their own business, is tremendous.

Every place wants to create their own ecosystem. But without a fundamental systematic approach to being a part of a greater network, they will fall by the wayside. Knowing how to create a proven model will be more effective then being a sole entity. But with this said, each block would retain their local flavour and ability, but part of a greater environment.

As geographies dissolve and unskilled disruptors emerge, there will be a need for new marketplaces to satisfy the created demand of these developing participants.

With the rapid pace that decision makers are taking form, the median of helping other leading commerce creators, to help other buyers and sellers engage, within a tangible and intangible infrastructure, could be a breakthrough action in boosting struggling, but viable, emerging markets to reach their potential and beyond.

There are successful marketplaces, but many fail to grab onto the global scope in which we live in. Why is a macro marketplace creator the most efficient way to acknowledge the new economy of startups, and legacy companies? Because there will always be new ideas and new ways to deliver those concepts to the crowd, who ultimately decide whether or not to buy or participate in a marketplace, who also may seek to design a marketplace of their own. And they would need help with that.

This shift in entrepreneurial and consumer behaviour can only be captured by one or two, maybe three competitors in the same market. What corporate leaders have done for startups both from an isolated Valley and network approach, macro markets will do for facilitating new, innovative and Planeing (ventures that reach for the stars) business. Who will make that happen? With Cryptocurrency fueling the transactional side, and technologies such as mobile commerce controlling the dynamics of economy at scale, there will ultimately be a surge of structural layers that make the creation of smaller marketplace building blocks able to be constructed.

Who will lead the way in marketplaces for marketplaces? Startup modelling has been proven to increase the likelihood of home runs, but they have yet to achieve automatic status. Although there have been applications such as mega funds (which achieved IPO much, much earlier than current attempts). The emergence of the Startup Factory, could be a go-to model for a marketplace for marketplaces early development. With Standard Technologies positioned to be a flexible, yet concrete organisation, with a focus on creating new value for under utilised talent and industrial pools, the future can be pivotal, not just from a corporation view, but also from post macro.

What is the timeline in which we get there? This depends on the people. There are so many ways that participants decide whether or not to experience. A slow progression is a safe scenario. Although accelerating growth to include market(s) supply early on, could be achievable and save time and resources. By highlighting that local sources of global advantage is the foundation of what separates Standard Technologies from a typical marketplace for marketplaces or hybrid, by understanding micro and global needs that don’t marginalise, Standard Technologies is able to create a distributed workforce that is irreplaceable and adaptable.

Sped up complexity could be a clearer way to attract more business because of how accessible the cloud has become and the optimisation of knowledge has also led to companies paying for learning programs. This virtual gap is closing fast, as the Grand Vision lead time is becoming shorter and shorter for all types of entrepreneurs.

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