New stories, for an age of humanistic brilliance.
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New stories, for an age of humanistic brilliance.
ST Organisational 25  °  Ethos Applications :  Local — Regional — International — Beyond  °  SkyRise Advance Use Cases :  Progressive Enterprise — Lab Restructuring — Agile Graduates — Reinvention Initiatives

SkyRise Advance

November 5, 2019

As platforms connect with geo-liberty solutions in the stratosphere and further towards the far reaching nether universes, entrepreneurs who aren’t near a tech hub need resources, and so do newer developing markets, which is why the idea of virtual villages, full of pioneers, can help breakthrough the boundaries at the edge of innovation with the ingenuity of today’s SME. They usually form in regional valleys, but as remote workers seek out the ideal virtuoso crate to work within and a savvy place in the cloud to flourish, programmers who can think in different degrees, can help enable glocal and global stacks to emerge, while making an enormous impact on the next generation.

June 14, 2018

In the next 40-50 years, everything can go in various directions. What is going to happen, is not going to be up to the change in population, or the code that dictates our daily lives, but to the frameworks that the many leagues of success fall under. These infrastructural improvements could be managerial disappointments, more likely, they are going to be unbeknownst tactical, durative, and pinpointed, abstractions of what does not work. This may not seem like practical advice, but in the long-term, the incorporations that win, are going to be those that are independent, while remaining well-networked, within their own ecosystem, as well as the global fabric that orchestrates the conscience of both the established worker, and the emerging entrepreneur. With significant insight, and ethical strength, there is nothing that can develop the institutive and reinventive processes and their core parallel recalculations, better than human capital. What does the next 5 years bring? None would be stark enough to get that right, because if they did, there would be no organic competition. Watch for the excitement and the rigour of what these segmental overlays can lead, and there are going to be hundreds, if not thousands, of complex, and exponential, mind you, and experiential, and unit bearing compounded product and service fascinations, that are going to create something that has never been seen before.

July 31, 2018

When does a startup create a velocity that carries itself towards that important benchmark? Whether the traction occurs because of revenue or acquired customers, the metric that comes into play is the momentum factor. The push that drives the trajectory to a new understanding and pivot stage. It can be argued that this happens because of effort, but often this happens because of a greater cause.

To get to this speed means that all of the working parts of a startup have to be operating just fast enough that the mistakes are overtaken by generated growth. For incubators, this could mean successful fundraising and exits, coupled with a graduated class that can take the lessons learned in their continuing development of a sustainable company. What is for sure is that there is a drag coefficient always in place. How can the vehicle be designed so it is functional, yet breathable?

Let’s look at platforms, and social sharing. If constructed appropriately, they will outshine the drawbacks of a lack of feature benefits, with a self generating mechanism that can help the purpose of the platform to flourish. Knowing this, there is a wiggle room in how to achieve a velocity that promotes a non-ending destination. There could be an increasingly efficient way at working with this idea, and that is to start to get startup in motion and the rest will follow.

Being a startup is not easy. No one said that initially starting a snowball without snow would be likely. But with some guidance from early adopters, and the knowhow of self and business improvement, it is possible. How fast do you want to go?

When founders and funders work together, there can be fantastic results. However, there usually isn’t much to say, for the customers. This is where leadership from the side of those that have made it, and those that are almost there, becomes pivotal.

This shift can not be underestimated, as the procurement of services, and the sale of products, all collide in the over-arching well-being of the market at hand.

Lets consider that not all startups are created equal to a certain extent, and that those that can, do, and those can’t, try.

This potential understanding of the post-advancement of the progression of humanity serves as a precursor to the possibility of the era of abundance.

Without the proper knowledge base, and management skills, it may as well be frivolous to attempt at shifting this pre-dynamic.

However, now that we know of the circumstantial startup climate, the cause for progress couldn’t be emphasised more.

When designing a business, it is important to know where the lines are, and where the venture can go, perpetually. This is the stage, when the beta begins to appear, and the edges of the entrepreneur are drawn.

Without knowing the limits, and also the landscape, getting to the next step of development can be difficult. But when the creation is clear, and the value is there, all that can be really done, is applied mechanical work.

There are of course many other aspects of how to creatively invent, but the idea is that there are fundamental basics, that should be highlighted. In every new idea, there is the possibility that something could arise, whether it be profit, or lessons learned, but without understanding the artistic essence of the real benefits to people, then the piece of work, probably should have been, another area of focus.

But such is business model experimentation. However, moving past methodology, knowing that in some form, skills were improved upon, then the cycle continues, and the expression of business lives on, that has the opportunity to enhance the everyday well-being of society and the journeys of entrepreneurs around the globe.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is everything. But what about the discovery process? These approaches melded together is what makes a founder achieve what they can, want and should do. Without ideas, there can however be no execution possible. This is why looking and then finding something that previously did not have value, becomes ever the more important. How do you know when you’ve executed? When you can move onto the next step. And how do you know when you have discovered? When you know what the next step should be.

The reality is that for a startup ecosystem to thrive, there has to be a commitment to execution from all participants. The type of people involved does not have to be just engineers, entrepreneurs and mentors, it could vary tremendously. The real value is in the contributions and support, that each move on. Continuing along the trajectory of success, it is needed that there be a sales cycle that completes the investment of time that is made. Whether through exits, or real profit, there has to be some return. These are the main parts of what makes an environment that startups, corporates, innovators and enterprise feel like they are an integral collaborator with the local and global evolution. Sure, some areas have an intrinsic advantage, but any place, now that there are almost free distributed resources, can achieve a fruitful role in today’s digital spectrum.

Whether a group of participants is of natural formation, or manufactured, there is space for new entrants. People that understand the culture, traditions and local and global network, are those that are positioned to thrive. There is always a new gap that can be filled, and a society that can benefit from further development. What’s needed is an understanding of the dynamics of the nexus that formulates around the core, and the greater creation of entities that prove to be more effective in size and value generation. Digital is now the catalyst of any sector, and old business is beginning to realise that without evolution, the modern cluster, non-dependent of location, is going to be the thing that starts new interest in relationship building and intangibles that provide validation of a market enterprise. How will you engage towards other groups and what are you going to do to create an efficient, and leading digital cluster?

There are industries that span continents, and the creative group of professionals happen to have the most in common. For it is the inspiration to make something new and share that meaning in the shape of a work that unites. And in the case of technology, the often visual representation is what the customer interacts with. Without this all important manifestation of reality, there would be no design, no method of expression. It can be said that there are too many artists now days. But this is just further expanding non-creative areas like programming to become more of an art. Whether it is a web site, or an architecture, the creative diaspora has the ingenuity to mold the future in a way that previous generations couldn’t have imagined. What creative techniques do you employ to deliver your meaning across and what creative sector do you feel aligned with that helps you communicate more fluidly?

There couldn’t be a better feeling than to help someone start the business of their dreams. Now that the new billions are coming online, the infrastructure to support this movement is manifesting in real-time, day by day. There are many challenges that arise from empowering fresh entrepreneurs to building their business, but these levers of growth are becoming more and more accessible, at a lower cost. This equates to a tide of virtual venture activity in places that may have thought an opportunity for wealth generation would never arrive. The digital divide is becoming less of a burden, and for some a benefit, as established corporates struggle to reign in on this gap. Nevertheless, this is sure an interesting time to be involved in the virtual development space. How are you going to participate in adding value to the wider ecosystem?

There is a tremendous shift happening with budding startups gaining space from established enterprises. What makes this interesting is that the real innovation stems from developing markets that are removed from tech cities. Companies that are in these unlocations are though always in transition. The life that entrepreneurs live in high-tech areas, is a pipe dream for the rest of the world. This flux leads to a form of frugal ingenuity that creates substantial value. If all companies start to believe that they are in a state of ongoing transition, exponential growth can be sustained. But for now, the populations that happen to be founded in these remote areas have the advantage and soon an increased know-how to create exceptional businesses. How do you plan on learning from this new wave?

There isn’t a reason that working from an unlocation is better than working in a city. However to produce work that is not mono, it is required to be allotted with diversity. Cities do display this, but this can be difficult to locate. For people that happen to be part of a technology centre, then this issue doesn’t bear true resonance. But for the billions that are coming online, and those that just don’t have access to these networks, working remotely, free of location barriers, holds many advantages. Apart from the fact that more and more people are moving to cities, those left behind, need greater attention. How to help those that are disparate and how are those that are not startup, epicentre inclined, going to improve their quality of life through the unbundling of geo? Enter the virtual ecosystem.

Leading in times of change requires a vision of the past, present, and future. Without a firm grasp of what it really means to be in business, not just for the profit, but for the desire to be great at what a person does, there will not be any returns. Monetizing greatness only appears when there is an alignment with what the entrepreneur has provided to the startup community, and the impact the rest of the market has had on the individual. To elevate to this new paradigm of abundance is what creates follower leaders in the process.

There is a stage in history that approaches a stage of creativity, technology, enlightenment and understanding of new ideas that form the centuries ahead. It could be said that this will happen soon, if it hasn’t started already. There is much to gain for all innovators that have the drive to make the old new, and new old. With a boost here and there from exceptional inventors from different disciplines the process can accelerate giving way to totally alien rationale that then becomes the norm. How will be you a part of the virtuoso renaissance of the 21st century?

How can new jobs be generated for millennials? Could be with remote working. The tools are currently there, what is sought is the motivation by youths to stay to the current task. Not all remote workers yearn to work in the countryside, but they do all have a need to contribute to the greater well being of the entrepreneurial journey. There are many paths to being remote, such as working with a sparse team, freelancing, collaborative initiatives and being a digital mover. Creation of the virtual presence has been accelerated in recent years, and millennials are poised to be an actionable participant in this. How to get started in remote working? Be a part of a community that shares your desire to work from anywhere and the need to earn a living. The rest is a matter of building a product that people love.

Harnessing the invention capability of a region is how incubator economies at scale can flourish. How does a region become an area in which it can provide the tools and people needed to help rise a startup ecosystem? There is a lot that an incubator and startup leaders can do to establish what regions actually need; employers that hire with fair wages. A sector in which innovation and digital transformation occur then can lead to the creation of a space that is efficient to all those that are a part. Market developments that connect investment opportunities to new business and lead to growth that brings engineers and designers together is the plane that determines how a region jumpstarts with already established regions. Manufacturing, coding and transport all become integral in this process. What region do you belong to and is your enterprise engaged with corridor benefits?

Whether through action or their purchase decision, customers really are those that change the world, not the entrepreneurs that create. Sure, without the initiative to start a new business, there would be nothing to take part in. But it is the insight from the people that help determine the fate and interaction of the workings within. The challenge then is how to know why customers would be engaged enough to efficiently drive the course of a product or service. Improving on the global reach process of budding startups, that many larger companies are struggling with, could be the make or break innovation that helps customers choose. Properly assessing this progress of certainty along with the consumer experience, allows for new methods to build industry. Let’s not push aside and say it is the entrepreneur through development that determines dynamic improvement by way of deciding which customers are solely right, but the effort of the decision makers that encourage how a startup blossoms.

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